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Additions to my last post:
What brand/model of 8-10wt?
I assume you are going to be casting from poled flats skiff and from your post you have not done this before...stripped line management when on the casting platform is critical...with or without wind got to keep the line on the deck but cn't take your eye off the fish...even if you have never done it before ,after a couple of fish closing on the fly you will know when they take it then straight back with strip strike...feel them first then strike don't strike until you feel the take in your strip hand...even if everybody says strike...don't ever raise the tip until you've got him on
BF41 is right on the money about line mamgement. you need to focus on the fish while keeping in mind where your line is at all times. there is nothing worse than a loose line that "snakes" itself around an obstruction on the deck. youll be amazed how quickly a line can find a mooring cleat or snag on the deck. keeping the rod tip on or in the water is a must. when you get a bonefish on, it will happen fast!!! you will know when to raise the rod tip, and like Bonefish41 said dont strip until the fish is "on the fly". I wish you the best and look forward to hearing the outcome of your trip.
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