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Default Albright A-5 and my continuing search for leading "budget rod"

Does anyone here have experience with the Albright A-5? I read an external review on it (which is really easy to find just by googling "Albright A-5 review") and some folks really seem to love this rod at $225.

I'm going to be buying a new 4-weight to replace my TLS Power Matrix and I'm looking at the Orvis Superfine, Orvis Clearwater Classic (Superfine blank and taper), TFO Finesse, Echo Classic, Scott V2, St. Croix etc. etc. I want to cast everything I can and make an educated decision. I wouldn't want to go much higher than $200. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear em'. How fast/stiff is the Echo 4-weight?

I would want the 4-weight to have some finesse, and castability at short distances for drys and nymphs w/ strike indicators at short and medium distances. I am thinking 8-8'6".

I'll be buying a 9' 5-weight soon enough and I'll be looking for some power in the 5-weight to cut through the wind and deliver a foam hopper with a couple nymph droppers.

I currently have an 8' 6 weight and a 6'6" 2-weight, since I traded out the TLS 4'weight.

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