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Default Re: Steve Rajeff's Micro Practice Rod

I too bought this and I don't know what I think.

1) It can't really be used inside. When my box finally arrived after about a month of wait time from ordering, I tried to start swinging the thing inside and the yarn/rope is too heavy to use indoors.

Hit anything in your backcast and its gone. AS was the case when the rod edge came in contact with something on the table.

So I took it down to my basement. Which also wasn't big enough or tall enough should I say, so I sat down as the original reviewer said... This was fine for a while but its not great for practice. After all, we don't practice our golf swing from sitting down if there isn't enough room to make a full swing.

FInally took it outside which was fine but outside I can cast real line and a real rod...

Anyways, for the cost.. fine its nicely made, and looks fun.. But is it practical or useful? I would have to say, its going to spend more time in my closet then getting used.
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