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Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

If you going to be traveling a little while you're up here you can take the ferry out of Whittier if you want to see some of Prince William Sound. It stops here in Cordova and there can be some good salmon fishing around here that time of year, most of it road accessible.

I've been using an 8 weight rod up here, but I'm actually thinking of bringing it down to a 6. Even on the silvers it's not much of a fight on the 8 weight most of the time. I know quite a few people who use 6's for pretty much everything up here. Even have a friend who landed a king on a 7. But then again, we normally keep the fish we catch so we are not too worried about over-tiring them from a long fight.
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