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Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

Most of the parks near me have grills there, and most are right on some great fishing spots too. Where there isn't a grill, it's normally easy enough to scavenge enough wood to make a fire to cook over as well. I'm in Cordova, and no one here gets bothered if you decide to make a fire by any of the fishing holes.

I can't give you much advice on the reel drag. I use a Pflueger Trion, but I just keep the drag tight enough I don't spool out reel when I'm pulling line for casting. When I have a fish on I always palm the reel. Only advice I have on the reel is make sure it can hold plenty of line. I'm guessing you're probably going to be fishing for Silvers and they can strip out line incredibly fast when they want too.
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