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Default Re: Upper Rogue River Holy water?

RE: The Holy Water Here are some areas to consider. (Spent a bunch of time helping ODF&W on research here)

The trough between the hatchery side shore and the island just below the dam. Many hang out in this trough and at the downstream end of the island. There is also, depending on flow amount, a backwash along that same shore just below the island that fishes well.

Just below the narrows out of the cauldron below the dam. Plenty in this slot on both sides. Decent sizes with best one I've done there at 23". You can wade on both side, but be careful. There is a slime on the rocks and a sudden drop-off on both sides. This area fishes well for about 500' below the narrows on both sides.

Hatchery side parking lot. Short bar out into river with good drop off below it. Watch out for snag but can be productive. Across river is a group of boulders. Above that is the old boat ramp and, just below the ramp, is another bar. Fishing below that bar can bring on some nice ones.

Lower end, hatchery side. Nice bar that reaches nearly across the river and runs downstream from its start at maybe 60 degrees to water flow. LOTS of fish hang out below that bar and range in size from the 6" to about 21". Watch for drop off from the bar and lots of aquatic plant growth below the bar. Fishing both sides can be very productive.

Floating? Yes, you can float it from just below the island in the dam cauldron down, but no motor. Productive? I've had 50+ fish days too many times to count. Especially in the deeper, slower, water along the bank on the "west" side across from all of the willow growth on the hatchery side.

Fishing with a Type 3 sinking has been the most productive.

If you want you can email me and I'll send you a cd with photos and info on the Holy Water. (You decide what it's worth. Shipping usually about $3)
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