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Default Re: Damsel/dragon fly nymphs

Thanks,That fly has saved my bacon from many skunking's.
Dragon's are often my "go to" fly when on new water,many dont realize that many species of DF nymphs are available to trout for up to 3 years.
When they are activly migrating I fish this fly unweighted while anchored on a shoal with short jerky strips.When the migration is not happening(almost all year) I add a bit of slip shot and fish it VERY slowly on bottom.
When I first discovered this pattern I was haveing a very poor vacation to Hawthume lake lodge in B.C.I was skunked 2 days in a row while others where doing quite well.Out of desperation I threw on this fly and while re-adjusting my self in my tube,bang!!!25" kamlooper,once I figured out that it was the "catatonic" retrieve that prompted strikes,well I wore my arm out in about 3 hrs.
I have beed tieing and improving the durability of this fly ever since.
Have fun and remember,the key to fishing the "migration" is to anchore on a shoal and retrieve the fly back up the shoal.....oh ya,hold on!
tight lines
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