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Default Why barbless?

First of all, I crimp down all barbs on flies larger than an 18. I believe in protecting fish as much as possible while still bring them to the net as often as possible. (I also use a ghost net for the same reason.)

It seems to me that until fly tying companies and local fly shops start tying all their flies on barbless hooks (or the majority, or at least a good sampling), the movement will not take hold. It seems like a mixed message to encourage amateur fishermen to hold themselves to a certain ethical standard when it is the large companies and local shops that set the standard in the first place. Plus, I can't even find a good assortment of barbless hooks locally, and Colorado has a fly shop around every corner. On the other hand, felt soles are being slowly phased out for similar philosophical reasons. That industry has taken a stand on an important environmental issue and forced the consumer's hand. Non-lead weight is available all over the place.

Anybody know why the "industry" doesn't make this more of a focus, other than the almight dollar? Until they do, I have a hard time criticizing anglers who use barbed hooks.
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