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Default Re: Hello from new old angler

Welcome. What you are going to do keep warm, especially your feet, is to learn to layer your under waders and socks. First; cotton kills and has no place under. I would start with polypropylene underwear. This should be followed by fleece, or even start with fleece. That goes for both tops and bottoms. For socks I would start with fleece covered by "Genius" brand socks, followed by a good pair of expedition weight socks. Now my preferance for waders are Patagonia's or Simm's. I prefer the Patagonia's. Make sure the stocking size is about 2 sizes larger than your foot size. All the feet in the waders are made with neoprene. I think that neoprene waders are a waste of time. With the proper layering and rgular sreathable waders you should be fine. This will accomodate the heavy socks and you will have breathing room for your feet. Wading boots should be slightly larger to accomidate your feet. Again, I prefer Chota"s STL with studs. I leave the choice to you. I'm assuming that you intend fishing in the cold as well as the warm months. If you are then layer accordingly. For rainy days and cold windy days, a good Goretex, wind proof jacket. And last but not least a good hat and for those cold winter days a fleece hat and a neck gator. I'm from PA and fish at least 3 to 4 days a week, winter and summer. Always remember that you can take off if too warm, but you can't add if you get cold. You'll find your comfort zone. If your feet and head are warm so will the rest of you. You lose 40 to 60% of boby heat throught the neck and head. Hope this helps. Enjoy. Frank
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