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Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
The two materials I use most are bucktails and saddle hackle. Those along with some flash and I'd be happy.
Most of the other stuff I use is scavenged or craft store stuff. Christmas tinsel, rug yarn, craft fur, sheet foam, lobster buoy foam, Halloween wig hair....
I tie on the same Thompson Pro vice that I've used for the past 25 years
I am actually considering your suggestion from a previous post and thats to use a vice grip...just to get going.

MoscaPescador, is the not saving too much in money true for saltwaterflies too? Trout flies I can understand, but SW flies are starting at 6 bucks.I lost one 5mins after using it for first time.It hurt. I cant factor my time in as I would be doing it when watching telly and that just costs braincells.

FrankB2, you layed out a good recipe.

Thanks as always gents for your advice.
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