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Default Re: whirling desiese and felt soled boots.

Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
hey cliff actually around here its not that slippery. I mean I have almost fell a few times. more when I first started wading. now I learned to take every step with precaution. slow very slow! the thing most to worry about here is not stepping in the muck and sinking a foot or so! lol. wonder if there is a way to get rid of that disease. prolly not. in my river there are all kinds of things! tires, water heaters, saw blades, transmissions, and all the good stuff. its a shame....

haha i have oil stains on my boots from wadeing through a river and finding a rear axle (thought the pumpkin was a rock) so i steped on it and all kinda oil bubbles started comming out. i tryed to pick it up and move it on the shore but the thing was burried must been their a long time.
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