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Default Re: Saltwater Newbee

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
Welcome to the group man!


Shuffle your feet.

Learn how to double haul.

Backcast delivery can be very helpful too.

Buy good boots.

I'd tie Clouser's, Gotcha's, Kwan's, and Jiggies for the deep holes.

Shuffle your feet.

Take some pike leaders with the bite guard built in for those cuda's.

welcome to the forum.

like Cliff suggested learn to do the sting ray shuffle. I would also recamend a good pair of hard soled dive booties or water shoes, as some of the corals you might encounter are very sharp.

#6,4,2,1/0 decievers and clousers in browns, greens, whites, and reds.
crazy charlies, crab and shrimp patterns, merkins and some tarpon flies.

Rod Size: 8wt or 9wt will be fine. you'll want to bring a floating line and a sinking line designed for tropical climates (our weather down here varies). leaders, your best bet are leaders designed for bonefish, redfish, and tarpon.
you also want to get a spool of 30# fluorocarbon.

other necesities: good pair of polorized glasses, sun screen (spf 30), hook hone, also you might want to get a list of local fly shops.

a few other tidbits I can offer up, distance and accuracy, line management if you are going to be fishing the pointy end of a skiff, and most important the double haul (as this comes back to the distance thing). fish down here tend to be very weary, and sometimes only have one chance before you see the your quary putting a whole lotta distance between you and him.

try these guys for some good hard info. they are located in Islamarada

Fly Fishing School, fly shop, rods and reels
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