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Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
Hey brucered welcome to the forum-- there's a lot of good stuff to browse through in the forums and info in the FAQ forums that might help. But keep asking questions as they come up-- lots of good folks here that can help get you going.

It sounds like you've got a lot of great fishing up your way--- and having a brother that fly fishes is a good thing- you can raid his fly boxes at the next family gathering.

One thing to keep in mind as you get into this, is that most people that chase a lot of different types of fish with a fly rod end up with more than one outfit. Rods with heavier line weights are used for throwing larger flies - so where a 10 weight might be a good choice for throwing large stuff at pike, an 8 weight might be a better choice for steelhead or throwing large poppers and bass bugs for largemouth, and a 5 weight might be a good all around choice for trout in streams.

So you might want to zero in on an outfit that would be a good choice for the types of fishing that you'll be doing the most.
thanks for the info.

here is what i'm looking at getting for my 1st outfit, per recommendation by someone on here (they recommended allen) and the weight etc is what my bros also recommended, although he had no knowledge of ALLENfishing.

Allen XL 5/6 reel
6wt rod
Allen line WFF6

sound like a good decision?
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