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Default Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod

Hi Randy,

Well, I'm almost always casting a heavy fly, and if I don't get a bounce my line collapses. I'll have to play around with the speed, sounds like it might help out a bit for me. I've tried casting with more line unrolled and it felt like I was pulling against an anchor after a second of a really fast forward cast and almost slingshoting the line forward . . . with the result of it hitting the water hard enough to scare away even the most unconcerned fish.

When I wait until my line seems to be totally straightened out without any drift when I go to make my forward cast my rod (or maybe my wrist) just can't seem to move the heavy fly forward quick enough.

I feel pretty good about my timing, but I've never really paid attention to speed related to line length. I normally just drift with more line out so it has time to straighten out and load the rod more . . . I'll have to pay more attention to that one and see what happens.

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