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Default Re: Salmon Fly Tie-Along?

Originally Posted by kelkay View Post
Ard, thank you for the comments. I feel better already about it. I have always thought salmon flies to be beautiful, but they do seem to be highly technical and difficult. It may, or may not be my thing. But having a class like this is so cool. Now it gives me the incentive to try them, and with Pocono at the helm, it has been a wonderful experience. Otherwise it may of been years before I did some of this. I did do a couple of spey flies a good while back. I didn't think they classified as a salmon fly, because they were in a different category. I am very happy to be in this group, and learning as I am. This has a high commitment level to it for Pocono, and I like seeing everyone's work, and comments. You have been a wealth of info too. Thank you.
I used to be intimidated by flies like this. I would look at them and say, Geez I wish I could tie that. Then one day I decided to give it a try. They take more time for sure but I'm not convinced there that much harder than a lot of dry flies. Now there my favorite thing to tie, I have noticed my trout box is becoming empty and I need to start a new steelhead box. Whenever I sit down to tie I almost have to force myself to tie other stuff now. Keep it up, you might be the same way.
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