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Default Re: Reel recommendation

I have been spending a great deal of time looking for the same thing - a 4/5 weight reel of excellent quality at a good price. Some of my personal favorites:

-Lamson Konic for about $118

-Cabelas LSR for around $100 typically, though I bought 3 on sale for around $50 a piece in 3 different sizes. I was skeptical, but they are excellent reels and the design looks similar to the Galvan open back.

-Orvis Battenkill BBS.

-Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor, now on sale at for $100. Many folks don't like this reel because of it's smaller amount of backing capacity. If you go with this one, consider gel-spun. The main reason I didn't go this way is because I like DT lines which take up more space on the reel and I would have had a very small amount of backing.

The Konic is fairly new so there isn't much of a record as to it's dependability, but to my knowledge Lamson makes very good reels. The others are all lightweight, dependable, and quiet. I would think the BBS would be the least quiet, if I remember correctly.

The "clickers" can be taken off of most reels - at least the incoming clickers. I removed the ones on my LSR's.
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