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Default Re: Got a box of flies !!!!!!

I'm a novice myself, and none of that stuff looks like anything I have in my fly box. I am in Pennsylvania, so I am sure you may have some different entemology there in Washington. If I had to guess, that's someones attempt at tying some of their own unique patterns to see if it draws any strikes. My suggestion is to look for a local fly shop, or a website for a shop in your area and look to see if they have a hatch chart on their site. If you do, you'll find what types of insects are prominant at certain times in your region. If you do find a hatch chart, look online for those fly patterns and see if they resemble anything you've got there. If they don't, you're rolling the dice using them. I have read on many sites that if your throwing something out there that if the fish have no idea what it is, you may as well be tossing a piece of yarn tied around a hook. If you get a strike, that's one hungry fish you caught...LoL

Like I said... I am a novice and am only sharing what I have read or heard.
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