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Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
Say "God save the Queen," then lift the rod tip up gently.


PS: Were you on the Fall River? That's a nice fishery, but those trout can be darn selective.

Thanks MP... I saw your post this morning and thought... Oh, another smart ass!
Timing... YEs!! I was a little eager to set that hook. I was fishing the Upper Sac. They were all smaller fish, but some beautiful wild trout!! I was fishing downstream. I would yank the hook, or I would fight them for a second and lose them. I dont think I landed any while fishing a 24. I switched to a 22 and landed a couple. Not as many takes, but some were in the net.

MP, Ever fish the Pit or Hat Creek? Im thinking about taking a trip Friday.

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Originally Posted by mojo View Post
A nice glass rod will set the hook by itself. A crappy glass rod will to. But if you don't have a soft rod, I'll second what the others have said. All good advise. I fish with 32's during the winter and use bamboo, glass and an Orvis 4w One Ounce. Along with timing, a soft or slow actioned rod helps set the fly.

Hi Mo,

I cant imagine fishing a 32... Now I am going to have to give it a try. Do you tie your own flies?
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