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Well, I'm back from our Bonefishing trip to the Bahamas & what a trip it was. There were 8 of us & we stayed at the Greenwich Creek Lodge @ Deadman's Cay on Long Island. The lodge was great & the fishing was fantastic. There were 2 men / boat + the guide & the Flats went on forever, We didn't fish much from the boats but mostly walked the flats. The water was from 5"'s to about 12 "'s deep & you could see the fish cruising around. You just had to get the fly in front of them & give it a few strips & hang on.. I was surprised at how strong those fish were, I got spooled a few times & loved it. That Teton Reel The 9-11 Model worked great, the drag was smooth as silk .......We went out on the ocean twice to "Turtle Rock" which is a mound in the middle of nowhere, the water was about 2 feet deep so we got out of the boats & the schools of fish were just swimming around the mound. The stinger on that was the sharks. There were Lemon sharks that came in & if you didn't let the fish run when they were after them, they got your fish, fly & some of your leader. I put up with that for about 20 or so fish each time we went out there & after that I just wanted to stalk them on the Flats. The wind was always present but the guides always put you upwind on the flats. The longest cast I had to make was about 50'. The biggest problem I ihad was getting them on the reel after they took the fly. They took out line so fast it whipped around & I had the line whip around the rod handle & the reel handle a few times. I made all the stupid mistakes & lost a few fish but there were always more.. Once I had a big tangle of line come up to the stripping guide & I possibly lost the biggest fish of the week but I just tried again after a few cusswords. This was without a doubt one of the best trips I've been on & we're booked again for next year. As soon as I get time I'll get the pictures off the camera & post them. I want to thank everyone who gave me advice on what to expect & what to do.....
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