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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

Originally Posted by ghostdncr View Post
Inside ten yards, I'm thinking a bear won't recognize the difference between a slug and a solid wad of #00 buck but once inside, the buckshot is going to splay off in all different directions. That's the multi-point wound dynamic I based my statements on.

FWIW, two rules that have served me well and could easily apply here: 1. You can't miss fast enough to win a gunfight. 2. The perfect weapon is the one you actually have with you, not the one back home in closet because it's too heavy/long/expensive for everyday carry.
Inside 10 yards? maybe, but I would sure like some evidence that soft lead balls at 10 yds would be strong enough to smash through bone to get to CNS and vital organs. Remember, just killing it is not the objective, stopping it really fast is!

I double checked the weight of the Mossberg 500 with the 16" bbl and the dual pistol grips - slightly less than 5lbs empty, 5-1/4lbs fully loaded including the side-saddle ammo clip, and the sling. My friend carried it in a cross shoulder sling (butt toward left shoulder) so all he had to do is reach down with his right hand and grab the barrel and pull it around front to a horizontal position and it was ready to grab and fire - could even brace it against the sling. I tried it and it works pretty smoothly.

I agree with your 2 rules.
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