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Default Re: Favorite "loop" knot?

I agree with Rip Tide in that for most salt water fishing “Every knot should be as close to 100% as possible.” Starting with the connection the fly leader butt to the fly line, there are many methods that depend on what tippet strengths, fly line type and quick change capabilities you will be using. The taper from the butt section to the tippet connection is usually constructed with a barrel knots (blood), most recommendations don’t mention that the larger diameter mono should have less turns than the smaller mono. You know when the proportions of the turns on each side of the knot are correct because the final setting of the knot will have the same tension in both sides where neither side will be looser. I created a connection that enables the quick changing of the a pre-tied tippet, a loop knot (Duncan) about 2 inches long is tied at the end the tapered leader, the last section of the tapered leader cannot be too small of a diameter, it must be compatible with the tippet sizes to be used. The quick change tippet should have a twenty-times-around knot (Bimini) for the butt end with the double line doubled with an surgeons knot, this loop is looped on and off the loop knot at the end of the leader taper with a figure eight configuration to give a 100% connection. If you are not using a shock tippet (Bite) you can tie any of the knots previously, however we have found that the strongest connection for the tippet to the fly is a hand wrapped Bimini. This can be accomplished by passing the tippet through the hook eye once or twice; wrap about 6 or 8 haywire type turns up the tippet, snug them, then reversing direction with spirals back down almost to the hook eye, half hitch around one leg of the line at the hook eye and tie a multi-turn hitch to secure the tag end. If you want a loop type connection just leave a little more room between the bottom of the Bimini and only go through the eye once at the beginning. These tippets should be tested with the weighted bucket as previously recommended and in addition they should be broken with a jerk (not some dummy at the other end) the hook needs to be secured to something solid and you should use gloves holding the tapered portion to see that only the tippet breaks.
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