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Default Re: Favorite "loop" knot?

Seajay: I have never had the loop knot from “A Bimini at the leader to Tippet” slip, I have been using this connection for 47 years. As I stated before “ If the Duncan loop is set with enough tension it won’t slip”, the only time I have had a loop slip is in non-flyfishing applications (conventional, plug casting & spinning) when you are grabbing the leader on a heavy fish at the boat. I don’t know where the idea slipping of some loop knots comes from, my opinion is that it is just (talk) from people that don’t understand the physics of knots.
wjc:” everyone used 16 lb back then for the class tippet.“ is not correct, ever since the 1950’s the standard saltwater class tippet was 12 lb., it was only in about the last 15 years that these other line classes were recognized for flyfishing. The ”modified slimbeauty” sounds to me to be a clinch knot. In general I thought we were talking about 100% knots, which the “Lefty Loop” is not, this knot is just a modification of the “Homer Rhodes Loop Knot” with more turns after the pass through. This knot was conceived by Homer back in the 1950’s.
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