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Question Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

I am certainly a champion of the 4 weight rod, make no mistake about it. Latley though it seems that i am more and more on my own. Is this awesome rod weight loosing favor with modern fly fisherman? I originally chose it as my all around rod (trout and smallish small mouth) because everyone told me to buy a 5 weight. Being new i figured that i would get more play from the fish and general excitement with a lighter rod. I in fact did. I also learned that i could cast just about as far as a five weight with a fly just about as big, and on a 3x tippet. Do i give a bit up in a heavy wind or with a big hair fly? I guess, but i gain a good bit in finessing a small dry to picky fish. Fortunately, finding a 4 in the nine foot range isn't to hard as i do like to nymph. I still wonder why more fisherman ignore this weight. The reason i bring this up is that i ran into a fisherman on a very traveresque u.p stream brookie fishing this past summer and was kind of shocked to learn he was using a 6. When he found out i was slinging a 4, he seemed to be equally as perplexed. Am i really that far off base, or do any others agree with me?
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