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Default Re: About Buying Flies Online - By Steve Clark

I consider myself a good tier and I enjoy tying. It is no doubt a fantastic stress reliever (unless perhaps you're tying size 32 Tricos or something similar). Fly tying is an important part of fly fishing and I certainly enjoy crafting those pieces of sporting art. Now... having said all of that, I still buy most of my flies. Especially the ones that I don't like to tie (small drys with upright wings, etc...) Also, with a couple of full time jobs and a full time family, it’s hard to find the time to sit and tie.

If you want to tie flies because its fun and because you can... that's fine. If you're in to the artistic creation aspect... that's great. If you're in to the thrill you get when catching a fish on something that you've created... then that's wonderful. But if you just need a handful of flies to go fishing with, and time is short, consider how much your time is worth. If I can buy flies for 60 cents each, I probably will buy instead of tie.

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