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Default Re: I need your opinion - hip waders

Yes - the chest high waders equipped with boots (like in your picture) is the type he has right now and they seem to be working for him which is why I think I should just get that type again.

The guy at the store was trying to sell me the chest high waders with the rubber booty and separate boots over the booty. They had regular tracking for the sole and you can interchange it with a felt like sole for walking on slippery rocks. I just think that would be annoying in our case as we are constantly hiking in the woods and crossing the river.

The cost for the best pair of waders was $320.00 and the best boots were $179.00 - are these prices out to lunch?

Is there really a huge advantage to have the chest high waders with the separate boots?

He doesn’t like gift certificates as he thinks they are impersonal which is why I do not want to go that route.

Thanks for the welcome and your help!
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