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Originally Posted by Joni View Post
I just wanted to post that I recently ordered two Allen Reels in the XL. There was a slight mix up in communication and one that had no problem with as a customer, but Justin went above and beyond...thank you soooo much.

The reels showed up very quickly. Just in time for my trip to Henry's and MAN did they get a workout.

I am use to the reel making noise on the in and out, but realize, allot of the new reels don't on the in . Still getting use to that, but I had a couple of reels before ALLEN's that didn't.

These reels are very smooth and I didn't notice any slop at all. It was a piece of cake to reverse the drag too.

THANK YOU Justin and will be doing more business with you in the future.
For the peanut gallery, Joni works as a guide so she gets guide pricing from manufacturers. Since Justin sells direct I would guess she buys at the same price as us. To show the deals she gets, a SA mastery series line costs her (at least before Oct 1st,) $15 and a sharkskin costs her $25. A tfo rod is %60 off for her. She COULD be buying a reel that costs over $300 for about $120, but she bought the allen reel with no special discounts (I am assuming)
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