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Default Re: Teaching others ???

This machine is not leaving me any room to type anything, forgive me if I mess things up as I am new to all of this and havn't spent as much time as I would like to on the computer...
As far as teaching people to fly fish, I probally learn as much as the people I am teaching, the real joy is teaching children, and I would go further to say that the girl's are my favorite as they seem to have more finesse...I have actually managed to teach 2 girl's aged 4 and 5, and they were capable of 20-25 foot roll casts and forward and back casts, I made it a game and they look forward to it every tine I see them. Some of the by-stander's are amazed at a kid casting a fly with a rod 3 time longer than they are.
I have taught people up to 77 years old, the oldest and was quite amazed at their abilities.
I do not charge for my teaching and would do it all day if they can stand it, it just goes on and on and ever how much you've got time for we'll go at it.
fly-fishing is fun and so is teaching people...

Steve L. Johnson

QUOTE=tie one on;17003]As I have stated numerous times before I love sharing "The
Quiet Sport" of Fly-fishing with everyone I can.

I enjoy teaching the basics of a fly rod/reel. I also share
fly tying with anyone who wishes to learn to tie their own

I am just curious as to whether or not any of you do the same &
do you charge $$ for your knowledge/time ?

I have never done that, but wondered about others out there
if they do.

Tie One On[/QUOTE]
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