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Default Re: Teaching others ???

As a new guy to fly fishing, I don't have an issue with paying a reasonable price to a knowledgeable instructor. I do agree with Frank with regard to getting certified. That would make me feel a little better about parting with lesson money if I knew that you were backed by some set standards. Maybe what I am saying is you have more than a few years under your belt.

Although, I am sure that most of you here may have learned from family or friends and suggestions from others you have met over the years and never had to pay for lessons. I'm not so lucky. I am still trying to figure out my way around and will no doubt look into taking classes.

Tie one on, your love of this sport is admirable and I can truly see your issues with charging. If you have the knowledge and others can learn to see this sport through your eyes and learn to love the sport as you. Then, I would say you would make a very good instructor and those you teach will have no problem with parting with a little lesson money.

Good luck to you,

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