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Default Fly Rod Choices

I would like to get other opinions on the selection of a new 6 wt. fly rod dedicated to fly fishing for stream Smallmouth fishing. Several articles I have read in the multiple fly fishing magazines have suggested the use of mid-flex or medium action rods for Smallmouth fishing in streams. I was of the opinion that a medium fast or fast action might be preferable for this type of fishing. There seems to be a movement to move to medium action even for Smallmouth. This has been happening with trout fly rods for some time. I have even seen an article suggesting the use of medium action rods for saltwater fly fishing in back country and bay or inlet situations. If there are windy conditions, it was suggested that the fisherman simply move up to using a rod one or two wts heavier, instead of using a fast action rod. It was suggested that fast action rods still had their place in fishing the surf. Is this the new trend?
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