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Default Re: St. Croix Legend Ultra Question

I own a bunch of St Croix rods including several of the Legend Ultra 6wts. These are stiff rods with plenty of power and I would think it would handle a 7wt ok. It does, however, depend on the ability of the caster, fly size and line (as it usually does) and you might consider a heavy headed 6 wt line first. As far as handling big bass, you shouldnt have any problem. I have several friends who fish the Legend Ultra 6wt as well and we regularly catch redfish over 20# on that rod with no problem. Also, the flies we throw are heavy redfish patterns and it turns them over fine. If you are accustomed to a slower rod you might consider trying to swap it for an Avid 8wt. Those are very smooth and easier to throw. Good Luck
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