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Default Re: Roaring River Missouri - Fall in the Ozarks

Originally Posted by lancer09 View Post
I think some of the most beautiful country has to be in the Ozarks of Missouri... I know nothing beats looking out of the front porch of our lake place on Truman, Seeing trees of every color imaginable at every year b/w four or five roostingn Bald Eagle Pairs.

How was the fishing, I want to make a trip to RR soon, as my work is putting on a workshop at taking a trip up there in november... It's also where i've caught my only two trout on flies, down in zone two along the campground.
Fishing was good. Fish were running a tad small in Zone 1. Zone 2 at the far end by the old dam wasn't bad for nymphing as well as a run above that. The 3rd run above that was great for dry's during the evening. Elk Hair Caddis, Cream Midges and Griffets. All 18's to 22's worked. I still did my best in Zone 2 nymphing small midges especially zebra's red and black. Mainly I would use combo's with Gold Ribbed Hairs Ear followed by a Midge. I did have fun at the upper end of zone one with midges as well as evening top water. One old boy was nymphing with a white thread gig killing them. #18 or #16.

I talked to Tim at Tim's fly shop and he did say with the water down you could find a few holes below the park by hiking that would carry bigger fish and a brown or two now.

I understand the treck. We will only do Roaring River when we make a 4 day weekend. Have you tried Meramec yet? The drive should only be an 60 to 90 minutes from St. Louis. Bennett is another hour from there. Barclay access is great for the hike. Don't forget Catch and Release is coming soon. Parks will be open with far less anglers. Merimac is great during the C&R season.

Good luck.
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