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Default Re: The Broken Rod Poll; Edited, New Catagory added.

It shame's me to say it but I have broken a few. The first I broke was when I was about 14, I shut it in a door.

The second was about 6 years ago in Alaska. I was fishing a 6wt for rainbow's and hooking a few small kings in the process. after I landed a couple small ones I hook into one a little bigger. I figured what the hell, I'll give it a go. well after a few minutes I hear my rod make a strange noise and I point the rod at the fish and brake it off. check out the rod and all looks good. Start fishing again and about 5 min later it break's in the middle of the Rod while casting.

The third was last winter. I leaned the rod against a tree to take a leak, the wind blew it over and I didn't realize it. I turn around and step on it.

The other one didn't break but I was lucky. I was casting a new two hander (first time I had it out) and I didn't tape the ferrules. the tip piece came off while I was casting and cracked the finish on the female end of the ferrule. amazingly the rod is fine it just tweaked the finish.
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