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Default Re: What am i doing wrong

pie, like the others have said "Don't give up!!!" It took me several years to catch fish on the fly rod with any regularity. If you get dicouraged just put down the fly rod and use the spinner for a few days, then go back to the fly rod. I used to carry my spinning rod with me all the time and when I would get discouraged I would go to the spinner. One day I finally got fed up and told myself I'm going to catch fish on the fly rod and left the spinner at home. It took a few trips but I finally started getting more confident with the fly rod and started to catch fish. Now I hardly ever use anything else.
The closest trout water to me is about 1 1/2 hrs drive. I pass most of my time on the creek by my house catching bluegills, rockbass, smallies and carp. Any fish is fun on the fly rod not just trout. For me trout fishing is a special trip that I truely enjoy.
Just don't give it up! As you build confedence with the fly rod you will start catching more fish. Learn where the fish are in a local creek or lake and go from there.
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