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Default Re: Winter fishing in Alaska

Hi there Frank,

Sometimes Eyak freezes, sometimes it doesn't. Right now there is still a clear area by the weir and parts of the river are still open. I've pulled a few cutthroat out of the river by the weir in fall when they are following the salmon but I'm not sure if there are any there now.

My main problem is time. When I can get out it's only an hour or two here or there and normally after it's dark, so not enough time to go hike the lakes and drill holes. That's why I was thinking of trying some fly fishing on the open parts of the river. I'm not sure if there would be anything in there though, I don't know what the trout do in the winter. Actually, I don't know much about trout at all, just what I've read. I've never tried to fish for them, just hooked a few when I've been out for salmon.

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