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Default Re: Rod Prices

The line is very important. I'd rather have a $50 line with a $50 rod than a $100 rod and a $20 line. The better lines float higher and cast much easier than cheap lines, and a beginner needs all the help he can get. I like the Cortland 555 Dyna Tip, but there are other great lines out there.

Stay away from the WalMart rods, but you can get pretty decent rods at Bass Pro, Cabela's, etc. in the $50 to $80 range if youre on an extremely short budget. (Of course, you can get these same rods on eBAy for half that.) Don't get any with foam handles or with rod blanks you can't see the fibre wraps in (unless it's a high-cost rod with a matte finish).

You probably don't need more than $30 for a click and pawl or cheap disc drag reel to sart out.
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