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Default Re: What am i doing wrong

You arent doing anything wrong.. You just arent doing enough right .

Some great advice already on here . The best being however you do it get a fishing buddy or formal instruction . I dont know what it is like in your side of the pond but over here joining a club means loads of new buddies some of whom will be happy to give you the benefit of their knowledge or lack of it...

On the UK forum I visit there is a thread that was published by a very good and very experienced angler it is a compilation of various articles he wrote for a paper. It is an excellent introduction to rivers and reading a stream , I have flyfished for over 40 yrs and when I read it last year I was very impressed it is here: I would suggest that you read it

Reading Rivers, Tracing Trout - Fly Fishing Forums

I hope that you find it usefull...

Other than that I would stick at it I learn something new every season In fact the longer I fish the more I realise there is so much to learn.

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