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Default Re: How do I tie Faster?

I only tie about 2-3 hours a week, a little more when I'm coming up on a long fishing trip where I dont' have stocks of what will be hatching. So experience/rustiness could be most of my problem. However some of the tecniques you guys have listed I have never thought of or seen.

I have only watched one professional tyer and I don't think that he tied with scissors in his hand, but he sure was fast. He makes deer hair bugs for Gates AuSable lodge, Blue Ribbon Flies in Yellowstone, and our local fly shop among others. It was quite a long time ago that I watched him and I did not tie at the time, so I wasnt really paying attention to all of the details.

I long ago discarded my whip finish tool, I actually never learned how to use it because the beginners book that I started with showed it without the tool so I learned it that way and the tool proved to be more difficult for me after having learned without it. I can do that with fingers very quickly most times and get the loop to stay over the eye of the hook.

I don't wish to acquire a "one minute fly" pace, that would seem like work, but I would like to feel like I was accomplishing my task at a steady pace without having too many mid-tye redo's. My latest experience was with rubber leg streamers. I could not for the life of me get them to stay straight on the hook with the first try, so unwrapping chenille, and rewrapping until the legs sat in nice lateral positions took me quite a bid of time. Probably 8-10 min per fly.

As far as reaching for my scissors, I think that is the least of my problems. Trimming 4 or 5 materials during a fly would only amount to about 15 seconds of picking up and putting down scissors and I dont think I could get used to that.

I usually tye at least 5-10 of a pattern at once, though I get all of my materials out at once, I usually don't size up hackles, clip maribou bunches, flashabou, or cut wings ahead of time. This usually take a minute or two in between the actual tying. I will try getting more materials completely sorted and ready before I tie my next batch.

I am enjoying the fact that I tie nearly everything that I fish with, so I am not discontent. I just feel that I should be faster by this point. Am I being unrealistic in expecting to be efficient while I only tie 2-3 hours a week?

Also, I have looked for some youtube videos on faster tying and I couldnt find any. Anyone got a link to a tutorial, or youtube?

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I am pretty good at thread control, I do not use nearly as much as I used to. I have found that 3 good tight strategically placed wraps are sufficient.

Concerning the use of the rotary feature; I find it very useful on longer streamers like wooly buggers, probably because I have never found the use of hackle pliers to be anything less than clumsy while trying to circumnavigate the shaft of the hook 12 times. The half hitch and placing the thread on the bobbin hanger takes me 2 seconds whereas I would be fighting with and dropping my hackle pliers 2 or 3 times while trying to wrap the chenille, and then the hackle.

This could be the wrong way to think about it, but I find it much more efficient for me to half hitch, hang the bobbin and spin the rotary while holding the material in my fingers rather than with a tool.
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