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Default Alaskan fishing -if you fish for larger fish in the salmon family?

Holiday’s are now over….. I really need to get going on a fly-fishing trip to ALASKA in August.

I have fished for trout and bass with a 6 wt, Santa brought me an 8 wt rod/reel. I know I need fly’s and other gear, but any advice would be great! If I am going for salmon, what else am I missing that I should be aware of?

Suggestions on equipment, where to buy, when to buy, what to bring?

Part of my question is about Alaska, the other part is switching from smaller game fish to larger fish-Salmon. Like currently I rarely net my fish, other than trout, and I think the 14” trout type net will not be the best for a much larger fish. Things like that are what I am wondering about. Same with casting larger fly’s and streamers to different set-ups to research like bead-fishing which uses a bead to look like a salmon egg, etc.

What else should I be researching while planning this trip or other trips for larger fish!?

Thanks for all the help in advance,

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