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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I am going to add my thoughts to this thread and I hope you will respect them as such and not as a harsh rebuke to your position. There is a famous quote that originated from a person praying that goes something like this; God please give me the ability to change things that I can, give me the strength to endure the things that I can't, and please grant me the wisdom to be able to tell the difference between the two.

We have seen the made in USA vs. made in Asia argument many times in threads here before. I do not understand the aversion to the Asian products given the world we live in. Personally I enjoy the wide range of products available to consumers. Here in the United States citizens have many freedoms and making decisions about purchasing goods is one of them. A certain level of flag waving when it comes to the origin of products is understandable. Taking a position against goods produced in another country as an individual is a personal choice although it does little to strengthen the market share of the domestic products. Markets have a way of finding an equilibrium and no amount of protest regardless of how vociferous that protest becomes from any one individual will affect the outcome of the consumer trends on a whole.

What do I know about all of this? If it were not for competition from foreign manufactures I would today be drawing a rather large pension. That pension would be drawn on Bethlehem Steel Corporation. I worked for the worlds best known name in steel for 16 years only to see the company fold in the face of competition so there certainly would be no good reason for me to support foreign made fly rods and reels other than 'reason'.

The right to be bitter about anything at all is another freedom that we have. however I must remind people from time to time that this is a fly fishing forum and not a place to bring issues that we are prepared to harangue upon to the point of alienating others. Mike has made clear that he has no desire to be involved in further discussion on this and seeks no argument so for the sake of being good sports let's let this one go.

Many thanks,


I have NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
against korean rods and reels. I use korean rods. TFO deer creek designed by the awesome designer BObby Meiser. Retail about $330. Warranty is $25.
Turn around is same business day or next. A similiar loop rod made in korea would be about $1000. If the TFO DC was about $1000 I would make fun of them too.

Also have a korean reel, a Heritage 5/6. Have a 6 weight line on it and it handles chrome steelhead great. Large arbor, barstock, smooth drag, retails for about $100. Koreans can be just as skilled rod makers and reel makers as americans. The difference is cost of living is many many times lower there, thus a bar stock reel costs about $30. If you want to buy one for $400 that is your perogative. If you want to buy a $50 spey rod for $1000, good for you, way to shop smart!
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