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My ford ranger is really a mazda,, my buddys ford escape is really a Mazda, my friends 2010 F250 is 1/2 mexican w/ blue label parts and a 1/3 rd canadian (frame and chassis) but its assembled here in the US just like my fathers Honda shadow which says made in the USA right on the bike.

it comes down to "whats it worth to me" loop for 685 or Abel for 650,, Hmm I have both and which one is really worth it even though the loop cost maybe 100.00 to make and the Abel maybe 450.00 to make---> now that I've owned and fished with both I've come to the conclusion that they where both worth what I paid and the end result is no matter what you buy the end result is you stand there and say "is it worth it to me" my adidas sneakers (like every other sneaker brand) that cost 35 cents a pair to make are WORTH $65.00 to me,,, where something is made is totally meaningless now,,,,, its how it holds up and the rep it has that holds ground these days...
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