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Default Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
Next, try easing up you grip at the end of your forward and rearward stroke. Even without a line on the rod, if you swing forward, and maintain a tight grip while you do the hard stop, the rod will continue to bounce and vibrate. Easing up your grip slightly right as you stop the power stroke should reduce that greatly.

yup---that causes a lot of rod bounce at the end of your backcast stroke---after the rod has been stopped abrutly at the end of the stroke--relax your hand and that should damp the bouncing (you can add any drifting backward if you like at this point)--your hand wont get tired as easily either----the tip bounce will also telegraph down your line and show up as s-curves in your backcast loop

in dry fry fishing, you can use that to your advantage and stop abruptly and aim your cast a bit above the water and when it bounces back, you can gain a bit of extra slack for a drag float out of your fly---especially downstream

when i get tired i have a tendancy to get a corkscrew in my backcast from not bringing my hand back in a straight line----have someone watch you from behind and see if your hand path ,rod tip path and loop stack are in the same plane
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