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Default Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod

Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
You could try using the least amount of power needed to get the cast done. It almost sounds like you're overpowering the rod yet coming up with neat ways to mask it, like that backward drift.
I was in an casting instructors class at an FFF conclave this summer and the subject of the bounce, or wave in the line came up. The general consensus by the instructors was to not worry about it unless it's extreme because that wave will be pulled out by the line.
Better than video most times, hunt down a certified casting instructor in your area. An hour or two spent with a good instructor gets you real-time evaluation and corrective measures for your cast.

ps... I just did a search for certified casting instructors in Alaska. It looks like there are none! Study, practice and be the first!
Doesnt mean he is out of luck. Usually if their is a local fly shop their will be a fly casting instructor. And their could be hundreds of people who have passed their CI and live in Alaska, seeing zero listed just means their arent any certified instructors in alaska WHO HAS PAID THEIR FFF DUES

I assume the OP is in a area with a lot of guides? Guides, while not necessarily having a CI usually do have to be a decent casting instructor for when they get the newbie fly fisherman.

PS: how much was the casting instructors class? It must of been preety hefty in price. A guy has one in Redding and it is like $300 -$400 for
2 days

PPS: I agree with the others, if you have a great smooth cast, and as a excercise keep on increasing power till you use way too much power, you will find that at the end (the stop) your rod will vibrate
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