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Default Re: "Bounce" in my fly rod

Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
Looking for an instructor that is FFF certified almost assures they have reached certain standards before claiming to be instructors. Standards not only in being able to cast but standards in being able to teach and explain what is going on in the cast as well as having the ability to duplicate and correct faults in the cast. It's a darn good starting point for those looking to improve their game.
I know a guide who claimed to be a casting instructor. His impressive business card even said he was. He went to get certified, after years of teaching others how to cast and couldn't tighten his loop or keep his back cast off the ground, this despite being given hints by the master instructors testing him! I for one am glad he couldn't just buy his way into getting certified.
I've done lessons for fly shops and guides who want their clients to do nothing more than be able to get exactly 30' of line out with some regularity.

As a CCI, I know I worked, practiced and studied hard to get there and I also know it doesn't stop by just getting the certification. The FFF has all sorts of classes available to continue learning and a quarterly newsletter explaining new terms and offereing many different teaching techniques and hints.
Aside from FFF classes many of us take classes when available (I just signed up for a Mark Sedotti class on distance casting) or just get together at times and pick apart each others techniques.

As for the class mentioned earlier, it was at an FFF conclave and was for CCI's. It was held by master instructors and some of the board of governors for the casting branch of the FFF. Two of the instructors of note were Bruce Richards and Mac Brown.
The cost was around $30.00 and the class lasted an entire day.
Funny, I cant even get a hour with a CCI where I live for $30. A 2 day class on becoming a CCI is $400.

Even Funnier, Bruce ALLMIGHTY HIMSELF has emailed me that it is expected that someone doing the CCI test have at least two year of teaching experience

*I* did not think it was ethical to give someone a lesson even for free if I did not have a CCI

I can cast 75 feet, do everything on the CCI test except cast a tailing loop on demand, and only want to give free casting clinics with only a paid lesson here and there to pay for me to be listed as a CCI.

Apparently the cost of living in the state of Jefferson is 10 times the amount it is where you live
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