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Default Re: How to roll cast farther???

Easy as pie. Do you have a fly shop nearby that rents movies? If so I would rent rio's newest spey casting dvd. SImon shows you how to do spey casts with a single handed rod. You should do a snake roll. Basically you just draw a e with your rod. "--" is slow, start accelerating at top arc to where top arc meet "-", accelerate more for bottom arc, and this bottom arc has you in casting postition. Smoothly transition to forward cast with a haul.

As with roll cast, your line and a couple of feet of line should be on water, directly between you and target. Well I guess unlike roll cast only a couple of feet of line should be on water. Too much line on water will grasp at line, but you need some line to load your rod.

Originally Posted by Matttrick View Post
Hey all,

I recently encountered a situation I, as a newbie to fly fishing, did not know the answer to. I was fishing a small lake/pond with still water for large mouth bass. While fishing, I was out in waist deep water. There was an over hanging tree above me, and brush on the bank maybe 10 feet behind me. I was practicing my roll cast as I thought this to be an excellent situation. My issue was that I just could not get the fly out far enough. I was able to cast in the 40-50 ft. range with my roll cast, by pulling out more line before beginning my cast. Then I could pay it all out on the forward part of the roll cast, but to much line(or slack) meant the line was unrolling all the way. But I couldn't use a back cast and haul more line out b/c of the limited space. This was on my six weight rod. I was using a fairly large clouser, probably a #4. Any recommendations? I was try to get the fly out to maybe another 20 ft, as there was a partially submerged boat and there were some large fish in that area hitting the surface. I need some poppers.
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