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Originally Posted by trout champ View Post
You definatley get what you pay for.

I 1) can cast my tfo axiom 5 weight over 75 feet (not that this is something to brag about, many here can cast a 5 weight 100 -125 feet, just saying I am not a beginner)
2) own a $250 tfo 5 weight and a over $600 6 weight z axis. So obviously the $600 rod casts farther? NOPE. Well obviously it is more of a joy to cast? NOPE. I so strongly object to what you say.
3) I obviously like TFO's. But again I have to say I strongly object to you saying he should get a <insert model>.
4) why are rod prices so divergent? Why are some purses $50 and others $4000? If the $4000 purse had the name brand of the $50 purse do you think it would cost $4000? Uh huh.

The biggest factor in prices is not brand tho, but labor. Rods made using good ol US rod makers cost a heck of a lot more than those using Chinese labor.

The rod (after you have taken some casting lessons so you can cast and saviour the fine wines of rods) that you like best at the price you want to pay. I like a tfo axiom. It is a fast action rod, kind of like a Sage XP or Z axis. What if you like vanilla instead of chocolate, ie, what if you like a slow rod instead of a fast rod? The rod for you may be fiber winston slower action rod!! Once you learn to cast, try out a couple of winstons, some Sages, some Scotts, Cortland has some good medium action to fast rods too!! At the denver show I was astonished to cast a $225 big sky that didnt cast that differently than a sage

What one rod should you buy? Sorry, cant tell you, it would be like telling you what ice cream flavor to buy
That is for you to decide
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