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Originally Posted by jimw View Post
Don't forget warranty and customer service. sometimes you will pay more for an unconditional 25 yr warranty but when you drop your rod and break the tip off and are able to get it replaced no questions asked is awesome. alot of company charge 25 or 40 dollars to cover shipping and handling but it is well worth it. I started with a very low end rod and reel and with in 6 months upgraded to a lot better rod and reel. If you really love fly fishing i would spend the extra money and get something you like and wont want to replaced in 6 months. If you can test cast before you buy is a great help go to some fly fishing shows this winter and see whats out there.

Yes, definitely get something that has a lifetime warranty. THeir is no excuse now not to. Which brings me back to my favorite company, if it isnt ingrained in your minds from my above post you will just have to scroll up
1) lifetime warranty life everyone else.
2) turn around time! about 2 days. I broke my sage, took them a month to rebuild the thing, plus the time to get it to their own little island, and shipped off their own little island, about 6 weeks. Compared to about 1 week turnaround for my $250 rod that casts like a $600 (axiom..OOPS, a hint)
3) I have had a 10 weight before and wanted a 7 weight before, sent in the 10 weight with my $25 and said "can you please send me a 7 weight instead". No problem says they! Sage costs you $40, and stay AWAY FROM POWELL, they charge $60 even tho they use korean rods like TFO.
4) $25 is REALLY JUST FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Bring your broken rod into *** headquarters in Texas, they will go to the warehouse and get you a brand new one free of charge. Do you think Sage does that? HECK NO!!
5) Runner up for warranty is gloomis with expeditor program. For $50 they will send you a brand new rod ups. Figure it is going to cost you at least $10 to send the rod back, plus hassle of getting to shipping location, so that is really $40 and you get a new rod in 2-3 days. You put your broken rod in package and ups takes it away!

beats TFO!!! G loomis comes in a close second with their expeditor program tho.

Tfo rods run from moderate action 2 piece at $89, to $200 -$250 fast action Sage casting quality TICR/TICR X and Axiom. ANd for $350 they have the $350 deer creek series which was created by mike kinney and bob meiser, and is basically a meiser MKS blank. I am a intermediate spey caster and I could not cast better with a sage z axis than this tfo. The only rod I could tell a difference in was a high end CND rod which cast a bit nicer/farther

Echo and Cortland also have rods that are super sweet, lifetime warranty, and wont break your bank. If you are worried about price DONT DONT DONT get a low priced sage, get a cortland (NOT A WALMART, try the big sky), a echo, or a TFO
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