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Default Re: Surf fishing for Whiting


try any sand flea patterns for permit. if you have a clear sinking tip that will work best, if not use split shot to keep your fly near the bottom. you might be able to find some patterns that are weighted. If you tie your own I will be more than happy to give you my sand flea pattern that I use down here for whiting, permit and pompano in the surf.

#2 mustad 3407dt or equivelent

pink or yellow flat waxed nylon thread

pink flashabou or pink crystal flash

medium pearl dumbell eyes

white or very light brown chenille

Debard hook place in vice and sharpen (this is just a suggestion). start your thread about 1/4 of the way behind the eye.
Tie in eyes and cement down, start wrapping thread towards bend of the hook. tie in a sparse amount of flash material, working back toward the eye. then take your chenille and start it about the same place as the flash. wrap chenille forward to eyes and beyond, stop just behind eye. proceed to wrap the chenille back to the bend and back to the eye of the hook. cinch down end of chenille with thread, tie off and apply head cement. thats it your done.

Simplest fly I know that works well in the surf. I will see if I have a pictire of one and will post, if not I will tie one up real quick and then post.

Hope this helps
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