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Default Re: black friday vs fishing rod, what ya think?

Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
I worked for a retail store, and was partners in a retail bike shop. We didn't accept cash returns at the bike shop (store credit), but the other retail shop I managed had HUGE returns after Christmas. I got a percentage of sales, but it seemed that percentage disappeared almost completely after the first week of January.

What are you looking for, KimKim? There are always deals to be found, especially when the next year's stuff is coming out: Winston BIIX rods for example. That's a pricey example, so you can go to LL Bean's daily markdown for smaller purchases. They had Sharkskin line at half price a couple weeks ago, but you have to get in on the deal that day. The smaller shops might have some sales on things like the Winston BIIX, but their margin and volume don't really allow for huge discounts. I'm sure they'd appreciate the business, however.
so many stuff I expect to buy. Say, some other fishing stuff, a nice camera, and a nice laptop for my mother...
Thanks for your share.
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