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Default What discourages you on the water?

I just recently picked up fly fishing and bought a decent setup. I have pretty much no experience at all. Thus I bring this question to the table.

What discourages you when you’re on the water? What would be a great idea in fashion; what would you like to see produced on the market to make fly fishing safer, more efficient, more effective, or easier on you. This can be a current product or something brand new. Please relay me any ideas you have; the ideas will help me brainstorm and come up with my senior project for college. Plus if I end up using someone’s idea I'm willing to make additional prototypes and send them to you to see if I actually produced something of use or need to redesign to iron out any problems (that is if it is reasonably small and easy to prototype). I'm sure some ideas could become quite large and expensive to produce. And because I'm a poor college student money could be a factor in what project I can take on. Thanks for your time

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