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Default Re: Fly Fishing Maryland

Originally Posted by switchfisher View Post
I can't believe I forgot to mention the Gun.

While the really scenic section up near Prettyboy gets hammered every weekend, the Gun stretches downstream through other C&R sections for miles and miles.

I get stuff at Bass Pro in Arundel as well. Wait for their "spring fling" at the end of February when everything goes on sale.

One other point - Larry Coburn who wrote that book runs the fly shop there. So, you can have a chat with him if he is on duty when you are there.

XJGUY - I was up at Daniels a few weeks after they stocked it this fall, no action. Do you work down from the Dam or up from the I70 crossover?

yeah same here when i go i usually start at I70 and work my way up to the damn. me and a buddy went and the biggest fish we cought was about four inches long and a perch or somthing i think. the water was extremly low, when i was wadeing in the rver spots that were up to my chest were bearly knee height i think that had alot to do with it.
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